Pinterest Project: Bleach Pen T-Shirt

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how lame I am.  So exciting!  I have been wanting to replicate this pin for a while now.  I just like the laid back, natural look of those t-shirts.  And I love the idea of having any graphic I would like on a t-shirt.

Round up your materials.

T-shirt.  I used a cheap Hanes t-shirt I found at Walmart and then washed and dryed it.

Bleach Pen.  Be sure to use the one labeled “for whites”.  That’s according to the above pin.  Not from me, I haven’t used any other bleach pens, so I don’t know what they would do.

Cardboard, Scrap Paper.  Awesomeness.  Dig Deep.

Next, you’ll need to think of a design for your t-shirt.  This is where the awesomeness comes in.  Grab it and design something.  My design is based on this pin.  I have no original ideas.

As you can see, I practiced a little bit on my cardboard.  The bleach pen tip isn’t easy to work with, so I thought a sharpie marker (something with a big tip), would be a good practice pen.  It wasn’t bad.  But, I still decided that I had better make a template.  I had originally decided just to free-hand it.  I’m not that kind of awesome.  If you are, go for it.  I needed a template.  So, I used some cardstock.

And cut out some pretty little templates.

Ok, let’s get this going.  Stary by putting your cardboard inside the shirt.  Unless you want the bleach to leak through and decorate the back too.  The next thing I did was put down the templates to see where everything would lay.  I wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to cut things off in weird places.  Once I had everything kind of layed out, it was time to start.  Hold the template down and draw.  This part was fun.

I will admit, that my eyes started to burn a little bit from the bleach, but I kept my face close to the t-shirt trying to be precise.  It didn’t happen.  There is nothing exact about a bleach pen.

Once I had all it all done, I waited for a bit to see how the color would change.  I could see pretty quickly where I needed to add more bleach.  So, I just colored it in the with the bleach pen.  There wasn’t much for a mess.   I was careful about wiping off the template between each use.

After a while everything looked about as good as expected.

I rinsed the shirt off in the sink and then threw it in the wash.

The result:

The only thing I would’ve changed:

The black t-shirt didn’t bleach well.  Duh, I know.  I don’t like the colors together.  Although, they are my high school colors.  (Go Mustangs!)  I wish I would’ve used a brightly colored t-shirt or a grey t-shirt.  But, it was good practice.  I’ll definitely be doing this again.

What about you?  Is this a project you would try?  Or is there a pin that you want someone else to try before you do?  Let me know!


8 thoughts on “Pinterest Project: Bleach Pen T-Shirt

  1. i was about to do this the other day for kaden’s FOUR shirt… then decided I wanted more colors so painted instead. I might have to try the bleach pen when I make a zero shirt for the baby… since I don’t know gender it’s more neutral 😀

  2. I am in the process of doing this for this for the boys’ pig wrestling team shirts. I think I forgot the part “There’s nothing exact about the bleach pen!” So, trying to write PORKINATORS down the front of a hot pink shirt is not as easy as I thought! hahaa! we’ll see how they turn out. 😉

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