They’re Here!!!!


The flight was delayed, but only a little.  They made it!  A looooong flight from Malawi to the US and a couple of connections, and they made it here.  It was just after 11:00pm when I finally met the four of them.  All the excitement, anxiousness, and fear was manifested in one… handshake.  I’m such a chicken.  I wanted to scoop them all up and give them big hugs, but I also didn’t want to overwhelm them.  This will be my dilemma forever, feeling big feelings and not wanting to scare the people around me. 🙂  The process was this – wait at the airport, say hello, pass out gifts (toys and hats), wait for luggage, drive to apartment, watch them get an orientation on the apartment, leave.  The whole time – me asking questions, getting to know them, finding out what the next few days look like.    I took lots of pictures, but I’m not going to post any yet.  So, for now, you’ll have trust me – they are awesome.  The kids are adorable and the parents are really nice.  They speak a little English, but not a lot.  It will be a fun challenge.  I’m downloading Google translate right now.

I couldn’t sleep last night, just thinking about them, what they must be feeling, what they might need, praying for them, praying for my family to be good friends to them, and hoping that they feel welcome here.

This afternoon the kids and I are going over to see if they are getting settled and to help them learn how to use their apartment.  I was given my first task – to teach them how to do laundry.  This is something I am so qualified to do!

Oh, and I did get some hugs before I left for the evening.  Whew.


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