Pizza Party!

This evening was one of our first hiccups.  We had planned to pick up Alex, Sifa, and the kids on Friday evening at 5:00, so they could come over and make and eat pizza with us.  However, when I stopped to pick them up, the CSIRP was there to pick them up also.  They had an unscheduled orientation, which was taking place because they were able to find a translator who was available.  So, I headed home.  They were hoping do be done in an hour and a half.  Instead, shortly after 7, I got a text that they would be dropped off soon.  Which meant that instead of a cooking class, Kyle made the pizza and threw it in the oven as I was picking them up (They live about a mile away from our house).  But, we did get to eat pizza, which they thought was ok (it really wasn’t that great), and talk.  This was the first time Kyle was meeting them and he really enjoyed them also.  We found out that Alex & Sifa had taken college classes through  Regis University and that Alex received his diploma.  Sifa took ESL classes and is doing really well with her English.  We were looking up the Refugee camp where they stayed (about 6-7 years) on my phone.  The camp is called the Dzaleka Refugee Camp.  We looked at Google Images and they found a picture with one of their friends there.

Of course, the kids wanted to introduce Strong to Paw Patrol:


It was very fun and we got to learn lots more about them.  We tried to not keep them too late, so we headed back to their apartment around 9:00.  We made plans for Saturday – we wanted to drive them around town and show them the area that they are now calling home.


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  1. It was really a wonderful friday everning. We enjoyed and met new friends.
    Thank you for your support.

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