The Week: A Quick Wrap-Up

In an attempt to get caught up, I’m doing a quick review of the whole week (Jan 31-Feb 6).


We took everyone to church.  Then, Kyle was called in to work just as we were leaving.  I invited Alex & Sifa and the kids over for lunch and to hang out.  We had french toast (much bigger hit than the pizza), eggs, and sausage.  After lunch, we set Alex free on the computer.  He was glad to finally check in with his friends on Facebook and let everyone know he was alive!  Sifa and I watched a movie and chatted and watched the kids play.   It was a nice, relaxing Sunday.  We ended the afternoon with some ice cream.  Sifa and Alex have had ice cream before, but this was the first taste for Precious.  She loved it just as much as I do!

2016-01-31 16.02.40


I’ve written of my love of the library before.  I especially like the library without my kids, but the library with kids is pretty fun, too.  My kids have always loved Story Time.  We went to the library a couple of times this week.  First on Monday, for Story Time.  Alex & Sifa weren’t able to get a library card, because we didn’t have the right paperwork with us.  So, we stayed for Story Time and found some books to help them learn more English (or Idaho language, as Sawyer calls it).


On Tuesday, we stopped by Alex & Sifa’s apartment to make sure things were going well.  They showed us a few things that were broken at their apartment.  One of them was the tracks on the closet doors.  I wasn’t able to fix it, but Mr. Fix-It (Kyle) went over there with some Liquid Nails and took care of part of the problem.  Strong and Sawyer have become great friends and it breaks little Strong’s heart every time we have to leave.  Alex told me that they had received some money and they were ready to find phones.  Later that night, after some quick internet research (thanks Facebook!), we headed to Walmart for some Straight Talk phones and groceries.  Imagine walking into Walmart for the first time.  It was overwhelming.  But, we found some phones and installed some apps.  Phones make everything so much easier!


As you probably know, Kyle & I are very active in our church.  On Wednesday nights, our church has a dinner and then classes for kids and adults.  This is one of our kids’ favorite nights of the week.  We brought Alex & Sifa, and they were serving pizza for supper.  I LOVE pizza and I was glad to have them taste a different version of pizza.  Because Kyle and I didn’t teach this evening, we delivered the kids to their classrooms and spent some time sitting and chatting and troubleshooting phones.  I haven’t taken many pictures this week, but Alex asked for this one, so I do have one from church.  This is after we had dropped Scout off at his class:

2016-02-03 19.00.43


Thursday was the first day I wasn’t able to get over to see Alex & Sifa.  I had an incredibly busy day and ended my day with our Mentorship Meet-Up group.  This is a group of Mentors that meets to discuss things we learned, things we would like to know, and get ideas of activities to do with our refugee families, among other things.  It was a great meeting and it was really great to hear about others’ experiences with the families they are mentoring.  I’m so glad for our Mentor program and also for the support we are receiving from the CSIRP.


On Friday, we headed back to the Library.  This time, we were able to get Alex & Sifa a library card.  Precious does not like to be with anyone but her Mom or Dad, but she let me take her down to the kids area (with Sawyer, Stratton, and Strong) for Story Time.  I got a couple of pictures this time.  As you can see, Precious isn’t sure what to think:

After the library, we headed back to our house for lunch.  Because I am a gourmet chef, we had mac & cheese and chicken nuggets.  The chicken nuggets were a big hit with everyone.  Of our available dip options (honey mustard, bbq, and ketchup), ketchup was the big winner.

After lunch, Alex headed to the computer, and Sifa and I painted our nails.  sifa

I showed her photos of my family and my siblings.  I’m sure I totally confused her (I have a very large complicated family).  We all had a great time!


Saturday, I took Alex & Sifa (and the kids) grocery shopping.  I had my own list and we ended up going up and down every aisle, so they could see everything that was available.  Alex & Sifa had received some fried chicken when they first arrived and loved it.  We made sure we had everything they would need to make fried chicken.  Alex was teasing us that it took us about 2.5 hours to get the shopping done, but we stopped in almost every aisle to talk about/explain something.  I told him that in a couple of weeks, we’d have it down to an hour (even if that meant we were running through the store).