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Design Awesomeness

Design Awesomeness

Check out my new header!  I found a great designer through my day job.  Her name is Beth and you can find her on facebook at BeF Designs.  Isn’t she great?!  You’ll have to check out her full portfolio to see all of her awesomeness.  She also designed my facebook cover image and profile picture.  … Continue reading

Freebie Friday!!

It is finally here!  Freebie Friday!  Are you guys ready for this?  I’m starting small. Today’s freebie is BOBBIES!  I love these things.  It is my go-to craft.  So easy, so small, you can’t have too many.  So, today, I’m giving away the FIVE (!) bobbies pictured below. Best of all, this giveaway is SO … Continue reading

Let’s get this party started.

Hey kids!  You’ve found the blog!  And the first post!  Lucky you…maybe.  I haven’t fully decided on what to blog about.  If you know me at all, this will come as no surprise to you.  I am not a decisive person.  I have a million interests and am pretty lame at all of them.  So, … Continue reading